Humans are relational beings and meant to connect. It is in connecting with others that you truly come into your own. This is what we as Vivento believe in. From this belief, we look at people differently. We like to look from our STAFF vision.


These STAFF glasses provide insight into what moves people at the deepest level. After all, every human being has a great need for: Safety, Trust, Affection and Freedom (Fulfillment).

We'll go through all four and you'll discover where to start if you want to build on:


The foundation safety is indispensable in a human life and thus also in establishing the connection.
Because of crisis, target pressure, task orientation and e.g. constant change, security is often under pressure. People no longer feel seen, do not know where they stand, do not receive recognition and start surviving. Security is therefore built primarily by:

  • Clarity (about purpose and expectations)
  • Respect for each other
  • Clear boundaries
  • Sincere interest in each other
  • Security and transparency
  • Facing fear (naming worst-case)



Mutual trust, like safety, is indispensable for every human being. Both our self-confidence and trust in others are increasingly damaged, in part because of unsafe situations. Trust can be strengthened or restored by paying attention to, among other things:

  • Openness and transparency
  • Being true to yourself and the other person
  • Keeping promises and attention to detail
  • Having an eye for each other's qualities
  • Showing vulnerability
  • Space (from mildness) to make mistakes.



From these two basic elements of safety and trust, a real and close affection can be built. A connection in which people come into their own and synergy can arise. Especially in an individualized world, restoration of connection is desperately needed. Connections and relationships are strengthened by:

  • Really listening to each other
  • The awareness of mutual dependence
  • Being there in all authenticity (with everything that is there)
  • Regular contact moments
  • Beautiful balance in giving and receiving



The real test of a real and close connection is found in the degree of freedom experience. Is someone truly free to say what is on their heart? Does the sense of freedom also give the corresponding sense of responsibility?
To be clear; we do not define freedom as, “Being able to do anything you want!"
This freedom goes deeper, namely ... there is someone who can and wants to be there for me and becomes visible in:

  • Mutual boldness to tell each other the truth
  • An increase in creativity and vigor
  • Carrying shared responsibility
  • Experiencing tranquility and peace while achieving beautiful results


In short, by building safety and trust, people begin to show affection. Freedom is the logical consequence. Free people are more entrepreneurial, creative and take responsibility. In this way, people come into their own and a wonderful flow is created in organizations.